Vienna Fashion Week 2019

Street style fashion – a revival inspired by the 80ies in NY. Chilled, relaxed outfits, presented by cool kids, who rebel against the main street fashion.

All the world’s a stage

On Thursday, 13th June, our English class took place at the ‘Theatermuseum’, where our teacher, Ms Sutrich, had booked a workshop on Romeo and Juliet.

Before the workshop we had a look at the various exhibitions of the museum. We saw paintings that normally are on display at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, for example, the famous altarpiece of The Last Judgment by Hieronymus Bosch, which is said to be one of the most valuable works of art in Austria.

Our trip to Germany

On the 8th of March 2018 we travelled to Berlin by plane. We spent three days in the capital city of Germany with our German teacher Prof. Landsteiner and Prof. Wozelka. There we visited some of the greatest sights Berlin has to offer, as well as the annual International Tourism Fair ITB.

Our language trip to Brighton

On Sunday the 30th of September our class left Vienna to spend a week in Brighton & Hove with both our English teachers Ms Ötting and Ms Stumpf. Of course everyone was more than excited about England, some even had never been before which made it a lot more exciting!


Kilts, castles, lochs, bagpipes, whisky, fog, rain … all clichès about Scotland? Well, we wanted to find out, therefore we, the 3 HKB, together with our teachers Ms Schmahel-Plasenzotti and Ms Kelner, left Vienna on the 25th of September.