History of ‘Expositur’

After World War II it was very difficult to find jobs for students that were hard of hearing. While in 1943 there were fourteen deaf apprentices who wanted to become dressmakers, there were only two in 1952. Especially girls had problems to find suitable apprenticeships. The lucky ones could work as unskilled workers.

If the parents could afford, daughters that had finished compulsory education were sent to a sewing school. However, for the exams they had to learn all theory in private courses. Although the subjects German, Business Correspondence, Accounting, and others were free of charge, the majority of interested girls could still not pay the fees for training.

So, many gifted graduates of the Institute for Deaf and Dumb could not get a sound training as a dressmaker. As there were not enough students the classes for hard of hearing students were dissolved.

In October 1953/54 the ‘Expositur’ of HLMW9 was opened in ‘Bundestaubstummeninstitut’ in Speisingerstraße 105, 1130 Vienna.

At the beginning of the 1980s the department ‘Expositur’ moved - together with ‘BIG’ - to its current location in Maygasse 25, 1130 Vienna.

In the course of time the goals of education of ‘Expositur’ were adapted to the needs of students who are hard of hearing. At the beginning the secondary vocational school for dressmakers lasted for 4 years.

In 1987 a two-year add-on-course for dressmakers was added.

In 2002 a 3-year-course as well as an add-on-course for economic professions were introduced, so that students would later be in a position to apply for a wider range of jobs. 

Since 2010/11 an educational emphasis on social occupations and health has been offered on a trial basis.