Our Unexpected and Fresh Secret Courtyard Tour through Vienna

Ever seen the mysterious courtyards in Vienna? Well, we did on our secret courtyard tour with our guide Eugene Quinn on 13th November 2017.


In September 2017 a new subject was introduced in the fourth forms of our fashion department: Unternehmensmanagement / Business Management. Instruction comprises two lessons a week, one being taught in German by a Business studies teacher and one by an English teacher.

"Hello, hello!"

My name is Megan Hull, and I am excited to be the new English Teaching Assistant here at HLMW9 Michelbeuern for this school year. A little bit about myself: I am American. I was born in Michigan, but my family and I moved to Georgia when I was a child. German language has always been a part of life. The high school that my two older brothers and I attended has a fantastic German program.

Lecture ‘Mahlzeit – the story of men and meat‘

In cooperation with the environmental organization GLOBAL 2000 a lecture entitled  ‘Mahlzeit – the story of men and meat’ was given on Tuesday, 17 Oct. 2017. All students of the Expositur as well as other classes attended this event in the Exner-Saal.

‘AMS – Berufslexikon goes ÖGS’

Last school year we, the students of 3FHH of the Expositur, worked on a project for the subject Austrian Sign Language. ‘AMS - Berufslexikon goes ÖGS’ - the title shows the project’s concept:

"AMS - Berufslexikon goes ÖGS".