Brighton rocks...

The 2HMA, department of fashion & design, spent an amazing week in Brighton, just one hour south of London. A week full of exciting adventures and unforgettable moments.



24th January 2017: Blindfolded students are being guided through the Exner-Saal. Youngsters, who are tapping their open palms, are standing next to each other. At a table some other students are making fists, crossing their first and second fingers, stretching their hands, and moving them into different directions.

We are all mad!

On 20 and 21 March the 1hma and the 1hmb had the great pleasure of having a theatre workshop themed "Alice in Wonderland". The workshop was organised by the British actor David Taylor.

Playing with Lego at the KHM

Some time ago we, the students of 1HKA, participated in a workshop entitled HearMe. It took place at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna (Kunsthistorisches Museum/KHM), and the idea of it was to promote team building and communication skills.

Mr Thriller In The House

On 22nd March 2017 the famous Austrian thriller author Andreas Gruber came to visit us at school.