Dublin welcomes the 4 HIB!

We, the 4 HIB, had a great language week in Dublin, from the 10th to the 17th October, 2015! Together with our teachers Ms Schmahel-Plasenzotti and with Ms Pöttinger we enjoyed our stay in this great city, the capital of Ireland, the city of Guiness and James Joyce.  A lively, vibrant city, full of pubs, nice stores, places of interest and many friendly people. We even had nice sunny weather, although it’s usually rainy in Ireland.

We stayed at host families, they were all very kind and helpful, some of them even very talkative. We all felt very welcome in our host families.

We had English lessons from Monday to Friday, starting at 8.55 in the morning till 12.15. The language school (Malvern House) was in the city centre , in the historical district of Temple Bar. It’s a school for English as a second language. Our teacher’s name was Kevin. He was very friendly and he explained us everything. We had to speak a lot, especially about advertising and Dublin. We even had to do presentations. The most extraordinary thing was the white board in our class room, it worked like a touch pad! What a modern school!

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