Erin Go Brah!

After a 3-hour-flight we, the 3HIA and 3 HIB, landed at Dublin airport on October 12th. The weather there was so beautiful. All of us were happy about finally being away from foggy Vienna and looking forward to a week full of new experiences together with our teachers Mrs Ötting, Ms Stumpf and Mrs Schneider. When we got out of the bus we were very excited to meet our host families.

Our teachers in Galway, Fiona and Claire, gave us an understanding of their national sports, festivals and traditions. We had a lot of team activities that finally led to a better class community. On Thursday we only had two lessons because then we were allowed to go shopping for the rest of the day.

One day we went to the Aquarium where we touched crabs, starfish, small sharks and even rays. It was something worth experiencing, like visiting the Cliffs of Moher was. We were so impressed when we got to see them after a bus ride. Irish Dancing was real fun for all of us.

On Saturday morning we had to say farewell to our host families because we went to Dublin. At midday we got on a hop-on – hop-off bus and toured through the streets of Dublin. The next day we took off from Dublin airport early in the morning.

Nobody really wanted to leave Ireland. When we got back to again foggy Vienna all of us were happy to see our families again but sad about going to school the next day.

PS: Sleep was overestimated and company was highly valued!

Text: Manuela Han, 3HIA

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