1st prize in painting contest

Being conducted by their Art teacher, Ms Susanna Lazarus, the students of the 2nd add-on-course have won the 1st prize in this year’s contest ‘Grau raus, bunt rein’. The redesign of their classroom’s walls has been awarded with 1,000,- Euros.

The idea of this contest, which is sponsored by ‘Wirtschaftskammer Wien’, is to brighten up rooms in school buildings. The hearing-impaired students of the economics department wanted to bring nature into their classroom. So they decided to paint a splendid tree with an owl and other birds as symbols of wisdom and thirst for knowledge.

During a period of 8 weeks (!) Art lessons were used to repaint the entire wall of the classroom and to add the motif of a tree and several birds near the entrance door.

The jury especially praised the detailed work of the motif and the fact that an ugly classroom had been turned into a friendly room that now better motivates the students to work hard.

Among a total of 33 participants the project of 2AEH had been the best of the 6 award-winners. So, the troubles and hard work have paid off. The students intend to use the money they have won for their graduation trip next school year.

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