Join the Baking Party!

Our school, the HLMW9 is part of an Austrian project, called the COOL project (“Cooperatives Offenes Lernen”), being short for Cooperative Open Learning. In this way self-organised learning and social skills are encouraged.

Our COOL classes receive in various subjects so called “COOL-Assignments”. The tasks on the assignments are mostly considered as very creative and free which leads to many educational advantages like improving one’s time management and the ability to work in a team.

One of the 2HMB’s tasks from last month’s English assignment with our teacher Ms. Schmahel-Plasenzotti was to shoot a cooking video similar to one of Jamie Oliver’s, since our current topic was nutrition and eating disorders. Two students of our class, Isolde and Barbara, mastered the task outstandingly well, looking back on their video on how to bake traditional chocolate muffins.

Enjoy the video and join the baking party!

Viola Hahn (2 HMB)

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