Visiting Neighbours: Our Excursion to Budapest

For one of the final projects of 3FKA we spent three cultural days from 27th October to 29th October in the capital of Hungary

We started our trip at the international Bus Station Erdberg at 7 o’clock in the morning. After a three-hour drive, we arrived in Budapest and checked in at the four star Rubin Wellness Hotel. Then we explored Budapest’s downtown and at first we visited the Parliament and the foyer of the Art Deco grand hotel Four Seasons. We had our dinner in the surroundings of the huge St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

On our second day there were even more sights of Budapest on the agenda: the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Coronation Church, the Buda Castle with its gardens and the famous Chain Bridge. In the afternoon we strolled through the popular shopping street Vaci Utca and had to communicate with our hands and feet because Hungarians seem to have very poor English skills. In the evening we could spend our time at the Wellness Hotel.

On the last day we visited the big Market Hall in Vamhaz Körut. There we could buy souvenirs, but also Hungarian specialities, such as paprika, salami and delicious desserts. At 15:30 we said good-bye to Budapest and went back to Vienna.

The project was successful and informative and the city of Budapest is definitely worth a visit!

Written by Vasca Trajkovski (3FKA)

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