You don’t know what we did last Friday …

On the 11th March 2016 2HMA and 2HMB went to the “Haus der Begegnung” in the second district to watch a performance of the Vienna’s English Theatre Group called “Undercover Star”.

The play is about the ordinary girl Hannah Grainger, who plays the double for Yvy Rose for one week. In the play Yvy Rose is a very famous popstar, who is nominated for the Grammy for her new popular song “Never would lie 2 you”. But what nobody knows is the fact that Yvy stole the song from her presumed stalker Jemma Walker, who is the actual songwriter. At the end of the play Hannah helps Jemma and everything is settled.

There were four actors who played more than one character each. Our favourite actor was the one who played Giovanni, Darrell and Davey because he was really funny and a very good actor. At the end of the performance we could speak with them, of course in English, and we also took pictures.

… now you know what we did last Friday.

Written by 2HMA

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