Little joys of lockdown

People are often encouraged to believe in the good aspects of everything, but what about our lockdown situation right now? Have you ever thought about the joys, the good aspects, the advantages that come with it?

The students of 1HKB and 2HKA have made up their minds and give insights into what brings them joy during this special situation, but read for yourself:


The light from the sun shining through the window and lighting my room with various shades of yellow and orange. My freshly cleaned duvet under my fingertips. The scent of coffee filling my nose. Rainy days spent in my room cuddled up in comfortable clothes and blankets with a book.

Little moments to yourself. Freely dancing to music in your room. Spending late nights reading your favourite book with a cup of tea. Evenings spent talking to your friends over the phone. Laughter filling your room. The smell of freshly baked goods you made. Sorting the time for your personal interests. Expanding your knowledge with the things you just learned. Listening to your favourite songs. Watching the sunset under the horizon. Taking many pictures, drawing, or sketching different things.

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One of the most important joys of the lockdown is to be surrounded by the people I love, my family. They were always there for me during this hard time. I also enjoyed meeting my friends in video calls, we made the best out of the situation. And I finally managed to read some of my many books which I adored reading. I had more time for myself and I did some online shopping since all the shops were closed. See, these are little things we all can do which make this problematic time easier and more enjoyable!

We always say "enjoy the little things" but when it comes to enjoying those things, we are struggling because we're stressed or too busy to make time for those things. So, we end up being sad, frustrated or angry instead. But it's important to pay more attention to "the little things". Mostly it's "the little things" that make our day happier.

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I can sleep longer and I am having breakfast in my bed. I do not have a long way to school, my school is in our living room. I wear my cosy pyjamas or my favourite jogging pants all day long. I can organize the day myself.  I have more time with my parents and spend a lot of time with my cat. I love many walks in the nature, especially when it snows. Lunches cocked by my mother, eaten at 1 pm. Shopping with nowhere to go. I am happy when the postman comes, and I get my parcel.

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The lockdown has many advantages. I´ve spent a lot of time with myself. During the lockdown, I trained a lot at home because the gyms were closed. At home it’s fun to train with your music and you do not have to go to the gym because you can train at home so there are no excuses. It is more important to spend a lot of time with your family during this time because that is the most important thing in life. The lockdown is a nice thing to work on yourself, on your mindset and to learn something new.

You can do a lot when you are at home. Learn something for life and do not waste your time. You can deal with things that you now have a lot of time for.

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Pancakes eaten for breakfast at 11 a.m. Ordering from your favourite restaurant. Working all day in sweatpants. No waiting for the bus. Going for a walk with family and friends. Sleeping in in the morning. Long talks on WhatsApp. Finding new favourite Netflix series. (The Queens Gambit is so cool!) Learning how to play chess because of an inspiring Netflix series. Cooking dinner for the family. When you find new ice cream in the fridge. Looking for new fashionable outfits even if we can’t go shopping. Learning how to organize yourself. Eating whenever you’re hungry. Calming down during an online yoga session. Starting to write a book. Finding some new cool music. Looking through text messages like: Do you want to go to the swimming pool today? And reminding yourself that these days will come back.

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My first sip from my coffee cup in my bed, while listening to the morning show of Ö3. The scent of the fresh coffee. The first laugh when my friends sent me some crazy pictures. Reading some pages of my book or of the daily newspaper while eating my breakfast. The daily phone call of my grandmother in the morning. The daily news of the celebrities by PROMIFLASH and laughing how silly some of these people are. Looking at the pictures on my wall to remind me of the old, happy memories of the past few years. The daily meet up with my neighbor’s friends at the mailboxes where we talk about how distance learning continuous and how many tasks we have to do this week. The daily lunch at 4 p.m. where I get upset with my parents about everything.

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Supervising teacher: Claudia Illmeyer
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